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Why Real Estate Investors Don’t Like Syndications: Enter Tokenization!

There’s nothing like investing in commercial real estate. So many dream of owning large office buildings, medical complexes, retail sites, high rise mixed use projects, and multifamily properties. The problem is that most of these people don’t have the resources to take down any of these projects on their own, as many project developments run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. So how can investors still take part in these deals? The answer is through real estate syndication. With a top-level view of a syndicate, the real estate “sponsor” finds the property, sets up all the offering documents, then…
January 17, 2020
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Integrating Transfer Agent Custody Is Crucial For Security Token Offerings

Utilizing a transfer agent is crucial in your tokenization efforts. First of all, they're now mandatory for Regulation A+ offerings. But if you really want investors to take your Security Token Offering (STO) seriously, the use of a transfer agent gives the process much more validity. What's great about Blockchain technology is its promise eliminates the need for third parties from most transactions. But in the case of transfer agent custody, most investors and issuers welcome any technology that includes the creation of a secondary market for liquidity - and transfer agents still are needed in that regard. Prior to…
August 15, 2019