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How do humans speak to each other? Depends on the environment. If we are enjoying a dinner together or a BBQ, or having a drink together, we speak simply, we use slang and our words are filled with emotion. Usually, we retreat to our personal spaces feeling good or warm and fuzzy.

Then we go to work and we speak differently. We speak the language of our industry. Techno-geeks speak the language of x and y and 0 and 1. Doctors speak words no one can pronounce or spell. Lawyers speak with bushes in their pockets running in circles with whereas, heretofore and nevertheless and no one understands them. Financial experts speak in net income, percentages, leverage, basis, bottom line and most importantly taxes, which is another language altogether.

Each industry has its own language to promote its own purposes and mysteries. It takes it away from the safe and warm and fuzzy of emotional interaction. Success depends on speaking the language and being multilingual across industries. The same word can have several meanings depending on whom you are speaking to and what language you use.

Blockchain and Tokens also have their own language. The language of bits, Ethereum, wallets, KYC/AML, smart contracts, STO’s, and ICO’s. More importantly, it is a new language. Only a few people can speak it and even less can understand it. However, it is the language of the future and the industry of the future. Within 5 to 10 years. Blockchain will touch every person’s life across the globe. As in all evolution, it replaces redundancy with innovative new things that work better and more efficiently, otherwise there would be no point.

This is the challenge and the excitement of Blockchain. Financial transactions become more secure. Transactions need less people touching them. Tokens allow any person to invest in any company at any time for any amount. Again, with less outside third parties involved. Wallets allow instant access to funds and transactions. Businesses can use these changes to increase investor capitalization without debt accumulation. They can track everything from receivables, taxes, employees, inventory, production, governance, voting. Every aspect of an organization can become streamlined, easier and more efficient.

Every major country in the world, as well as every type of organization, is investing millions of dollars in the potentials of Blockchain, understanding it and implementing it into their strategies. As a result, changes are happening, risks are being taken and the world is changing, for the better.

The major hurdle of Blockchain and Tokens is simply understanding the language. Allowing it to change your specific world for the better. Are you the true entrepreneur, the risk taker who will embrace the future? Or the wallflower waiting in the corner for everyone else to eat the cake and drink the punch? Your answer definitely influences your success.

For more information or a demonstration of how Blockchain and Tokens can work for you, go to the World Token Market website and request a demonstration of how it works. And don’t forget to check out the podcast with Brian Collins from Horizon-Globex for more details on blockchain tokenization!