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The new LinkedIn group is targeted to anyone who wants to learn about tokenization and its potential.

The Blockchain Trust Group (formerly the Reg.A Funding Group) announced today they have established the Tokenization Nation as a listed group on the LinkedIn social media platform, allowing anyone interested in cryptocurrency and related technology to share their knowledge of blockchain, tokenization, and security token offerings.

The initial concept is to create a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and crowdfunding investors to network and share investment deals and opportunities, culminating with an industry tradeshow with the potential to define the marketplace.

Said Reg.A Funding Group founder Ron Costa: “Blockchain technology is definitely the future for raising money with a liquidity component that is absent right now for investment purposes. By building the Tokenization Nation, we seek to be the source for the latest information in this new marketplace.”

The Tokenization Nation can be found at and all are invited to join the group for free to begin networking.