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alastair caithness


Finance Infrastructure Through Blockchain-Based Tokenization – A Financial Paper Discussing Energy Tokenization

Ziyen Energy CEO, Alastair Caithness, is a co-author of a scholarly paper titled “Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization”, which features ZiyenCoin has been recently published in the scholarly journal, Frontiers of Engineering Management. The groundbreaking work of Ziyen Energy and the development of ZiyenCoin, an asset backed blockchain oil and energy token, has been the subject of an in-depth analysis by leading Professors and Researchers from Columbia University, University of Florida, University of Michigan. The main author of the paper is Yifeng (Ethan) Tian, who is a Research Fellow at the University of Florida and has been working with…
December 15, 2020

PODCAST: Ziyen Goes From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry

Remember when the internet started? Very few at the time understood how it would completely transform the world. Now enter blockchain and tokenization and you have the making of another multi-industry disrupter! In this podcast, Ziyen CEO Alastair Caithness explains how his company has gone from filing his own Regulation A+ offerings to tokenizing oil and energy assets on the Ethereum Blockchain and how the entire industry is evolving by embracing tokenization via “smart contracts” technology. Listen to "Ziyen – From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry" on Spreaker. There’s no question that big…
September 9, 2019