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Horizon Globex’s Tokenization Platform Makes Digital Securities and Security Token Offerings Safe, Secure, Compliant, and Liquid

As the Blockchain Trust Group always says: Tokenization brings liquidity to illiquid assets. And no company has taken a better overall approach on every aspect of the process than Horizon Globex has done with their “one stop shop” Security Token Offering software platform. In this podcast episode, listen to company CEO Brian Collins direct from Switzerland as he explains how his SaaS platform incorporates tokenization on the ethereum blockchain with KYC/AML onboarding along with seamless integration with transfer agent custody to create a solution so unique, assets can be tokenized and traded on a previously unheard of secondary market for…
August 22, 2019
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Blockchain Tokenization Explained

Tokenization is technology that's poised to transform capital markets and the way companies raise money through crowdfunding. It is simply a process whereby some form of asset is converted into tokens which can be moved, recorded or stored on a blockchain network. Blockchain allows the sharing of files and digital assets without generating duplicate copies, and for this reason, all transactions on the blockchain are secure and immutable. Blockchain works on a peer-to-peer basis where each transaction is recorded into a block without the need for any third party - which is why it's the backbone on which cryptocurrency like…
August 14, 2019
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Four Benefits Tokenization Provides to Commercial Real Estate

Why should those involved in the commercial real estate industry consider tokenization as a means to raise capital for their projects? There are many, but four major ones stand out that make the idea of tokenization on the blockchain both durable and scalable. 1) The first and most important benefit for most investors is that tokenization provides liquidity, which was previously unheard of in the realm of real estate investments. Through Security Tokens and the creation of digital assets, liquidity via a secondary market can be created to provide around-the-clock access to a global marketplace along with low barriers to…
August 13, 2019