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Why Real Estate Investors Don’t Like Syndications: Enter Tokenization!

There’s nothing like investing in commercial real estate. So many dream of owning large office buildings, medical complexes, retail sites, high rise mixed use projects, and multifamily properties. The problem is that most of these people don’t have the resources to take down any of these projects on their own, as many project developments run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. So how can investors still take part in these deals? The answer is through real estate syndication. With a top-level view of a syndicate, the real estate “sponsor” finds the property, sets up all the offering documents, then…
January 17, 2020

Who’s Investing in Security Token Offerings?

With the publishing of the World Token Market by the Blockchain Trust Group, retail investors now have access to tokenized investments via secure and immutable blockchain technology. Now the question becomes, who exactly are the investors that are taking advantage of this opportunity? But first, understand that the infrastructure of investing into Security Token Offerings and digital securities continues to grow and evolve – and this is exactly the type of investments investors seem to like: issuance platforms, securities exchanges, and transfer agent custody implementation platforms. Would you rather own a piece of a company listed on the NYSE, or…
August 26, 2019

Horizon Globex’s Tokenization Platform Makes Digital Securities and Security Token Offerings Safe, Secure, Compliant, and Liquid

As the Blockchain Trust Group always says: Tokenization brings liquidity to illiquid assets. And no company has taken a better overall approach on every aspect of the process than Horizon Globex has done with their “one stop shop” Security Token Offering software platform. In this podcast episode, listen to company CEO Brian Collins direct from Switzerland as he explains how his SaaS platform incorporates tokenization on the ethereum blockchain with KYC/AML onboarding along with seamless integration with transfer agent custody to create a solution so unique, assets can be tokenized and traded on a previously unheard of secondary market for…
August 22, 2019