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PODCAST: How Blockchain Technology Relates to the Three “L”s in Real Estate: Liquidity, Liquidity, Liquidity

The best part of equity tokenization of real estate assets (or any asset for that matter) is that it provides a path for enhanced liquidity for investors while increasing the efficiency and transparency of trading on a secondary market. This liquidity factor previously did not exist before blockchain technology. Listen to this podcast where Kris Ferranti – a partner with the global law firm Shearman and Sterling – explains how blockchain unlocks the liquidity of real estate investments and how he is spearheading his firm’s blockchain and tokenization efforts with their “Fintech Foundry Initiative”. Listen to "How Blockchain Technology Relates…
October 9, 2019
BlogNewsReal EstateTokenization

Real Estate Companies are Turning to Blockchain Technology and Tokenization

How long will it take for blockchain technology to completely disrupt the real estate industry as we know it today? Some say quite a while, but in reality, it's happening right now. Many in the real estate world are beginning to realize how powerful this technology can be, mostly due to the aspect of greater trust and transparency of records and transactions. Blockchain distributed ledger technology also makes the entire process of real estate recording faster, much more efficient, and less costly. Then add the concept of tokenization, and you have a means to make liquid an investment vehicle previously…
August 29, 2019
BlogNewsReal EstateTokenization

Four Benefits Tokenization Provides to Commercial Real Estate

Why should those involved in the commercial real estate industry consider tokenization as a means to raise capital for their projects? There are many, but four major ones stand out that make the idea of tokenization on the blockchain both durable and scalable. 1) The first and most important benefit for most investors is that tokenization provides liquidity, which was previously unheard of in the realm of real estate investments. Through Security Tokens and the creation of digital assets, liquidity via a secondary market can be created to provide around-the-clock access to a global marketplace along with low barriers to…
August 13, 2019