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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Blockchain Applications are Changing the World of Banking

What will banking look like in the very near future? Here's a hint: it probably will be completely different than it is today. The advent of blockchain technology promises disruption in just about every industry, and the banking world will certainly not be immune to it. Why? Because when you create an open-source financial services ecosystem that is permission less, fully transparent, immutable, without any central authority, and where users have complete control over their assets, you've built a platform just about anyone can get behind. The term is "Decentralized Banking" (or "Decentralized Finance") and they are terms you should…
January 21, 2020

Wesley Snipes’ Tokenization Fund Illustrates Blockchain’s Disruption of the Movie, Film, and TV Business

Blockchain has led to a new concept in the world of crowdfunding: the tokenization of everything! Include in that large group the world of films, movies, and TV. And why? Because tokenization adds liquidity to real-world assets. In theory, anything can be tokenized, and as each and every day passes, we are seeing industry after industry dive deep into this option. The latest has Hollywood actor, director, and producer Wesley Snipes attempting to tokenize his latest movie project by the tokenization of a $25 million dollar movie fund called the “Daywalker Movie Fund” (DMF) which will invest solely in Snipes…
October 1, 2019

PODCAST: Ziyen Goes From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry

Remember when the internet started? Very few at the time understood how it would completely transform the world. Now enter blockchain and tokenization and you have the making of another multi-industry disrupter! In this podcast, Ziyen CEO Alastair Caithness explains how his company has gone from filing his own Regulation A+ offerings to tokenizing oil and energy assets on the Ethereum Blockchain and how the entire industry is evolving by embracing tokenization via “smart contracts” technology. Listen to "Ziyen – From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry" on Spreaker. There’s no question that big…
September 9, 2019

How Does Blockchain Tokenization Work?

If you’ve never heard of tokenization on the blockchain, don't worry - you will. Tokenization is set to disrupt everything you've ever seen when it comes to physical assets and raising capital. Tokenization is a method that converts the rights and ownership of a certain asset into a digital token with "smart contract" capabilities. By tokenizing an asset, you are dividing it into fractional ownership to allow investors of all sizes to participate in deals that were previously not available to them. Now owners of art, businesses, real estate, and really just about anything can transform a previously illiquid investment…
August 16, 2019
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Four Benefits Tokenization Provides to Commercial Real Estate

Why should those involved in the commercial real estate industry consider tokenization as a means to raise capital for their projects? There are many, but four major ones stand out that make the idea of tokenization on the blockchain both durable and scalable. 1) The first and most important benefit for most investors is that tokenization provides liquidity, which was previously unheard of in the realm of real estate investments. Through Security Tokens and the creation of digital assets, liquidity via a secondary market can be created to provide around-the-clock access to a global marketplace along with low barriers to…
August 13, 2019