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PODCAST: Ziyen Goes From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry

Remember when the internet started? Very few at the time understood how it would completely transform the world. Now enter blockchain and tokenization and you have the making of another multi-industry disrupter! In this podcast, Ziyen CEO Alastair Caithness explains how his company has gone from filing his own Regulation A+ offerings to tokenizing oil and energy assets on the Ethereum Blockchain and how the entire industry is evolving by embracing tokenization via “smart contracts” technology. Listen to "Ziyen – From Regulation A+ Crowdfunding to Blockchain Tokenization for the Oil and Gas Industry" on Spreaker. There’s no question that big…
September 9, 2019

Who’s Investing in Security Token Offerings?

With the publishing of the World Token Market by the Blockchain Trust Group, retail investors now have access to tokenized investments via secure and immutable blockchain technology. Now the question becomes, who exactly are the investors that are taking advantage of this opportunity? But first, understand that the infrastructure of investing into Security Token Offerings and digital securities continues to grow and evolve – and this is exactly the type of investments investors seem to like: issuance platforms, securities exchanges, and transfer agent custody implementation platforms. Would you rather own a piece of a company listed on the NYSE, or…
August 26, 2019
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FinTech is All About the Compliant Tokenization of Securities, Today!

Blockstack recently became one of the first blockchain-based Security Token Offerings under Reg.A+ crowdfunding officially qualified by the SEC. The company is seeking to raise $28 million through tokenization by offering their securities to the public. Many other companies are in the process of doing the same. It’s new, and like everything else that’s new, it gets scary – but scary or not, tokenization is happening, today, and your company better look into it if you don’t want to be left behind by technology as Security Token Offerings begin to go mainstream. Blockchain technology makes the tokenization of formerly illiquid…
August 9, 2019