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Blockstack recently became one of the first blockchain-based Security Token Offerings under Reg.A+ crowdfunding officially qualified by the SEC. The company is seeking to raise $28 million through tokenization by offering their securities to the public. Many other companies are in the process of doing the same. It’s new, and like everything else that’s new, it gets scary – but scary or not, tokenization is happening, today, and your company better look into it if you don’t want to be left behind by technology as Security Token Offerings begin to go mainstream.

Blockchain technology makes the tokenization of formerly illiquid securities and real estate projects possible, and it has the potential to democratize investment opportunities worldwide in just about any industry. The result will be a vehicle for fundraising and economic growth that is absolutely unprecedented.

Before Tokenization, only the major players and high net-worth individuals got to participate in equity crowdfunding opportunities of early-stage companies seeking capital to grow. And even though these investments had their share of risk, the rewards on a successful project were enormous. Reg.A+ and the Jobs Act changed all that. As a result, many crowdfunding platforms have been developed to allow access to these projects. Similarly, platforms such as the World Token Market have the ability to create the Security Token Offerings that many companies are utilizing as an alternate means of crowdfunding – only with the liquidity that investors crave that crowdfunding portals still lack.

No secondary market means no liquidity. Enter the World Token Market which allows you to create that secondary market which solves the liquidity issue! It is thoughtful fintech from start to finish, designed by some of the brightest industry leaders who live and breathe this industry every single day. Perhaps most importantly of all, the entire system is compliant with all SEC rules and all securities laws and regulations.

Using blockchain to offer digital securities that represent an ownership stake in a real-world asset is certainly revolutionary, but making it transferable as cryptocurrency seamlessly integrated with transfer agent custody makes platforms such as the World Token Market a tokenization solution every company seeking to raise capital should look into. By compliantly issuing tokens in the form of a digital asset security, you solve the liquidity problem for investors – the very issue that has plagued the entire crowdfunding industry to date. Before tokenization, you just couldn’t do this. It was unheard of.

The success of Blockstack (among many others as well as more and more companies are learning about this new method of raising money) offers a clear path for other companies to mirror their success by creating their own Security Token Offerings. And because it’s happening now, today, this fintech solution is going to explode in the very short future. Because investors can exit these investments at any time without any issues whenever they want by selling them on the secondary markets facilitated through broker-dealers over the exchanges that were built to handle blockchain transactions, the biggest roadblock for investors to get involved with crowdfunding deals has been removed. This point alone should make issuers flock to Tokenization!

Security Token Offerings now give everyday investors the opportunity to invest in early stage companies and any other asset on a global scale. Whether you realize it or not, there is a mad scramble out there in the cryptocurrency world to be the leaders in making this entire process mainstream and simple. The potential is there to tokenize every single investment similar to those found on major exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ, and that includes real estate, home equity loans, startup companies, commodities, funds, art, and funds of funds, and so much more. Practically anything imaginable. And it’s all happening now!

The risks of ignoring blockchain and tokenization are substantial. Companies fail when they ignore what they perceive to be insignificant markets. But when things work, consumer adoption occurs exponentially, and many are left in the dust. Don’t be that company. Get started with tokenization today as many already have!