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The JOBS Act has given birth to a variety of new ways for businesses of all sizes to begin crowdfunding with many “out of the box” strategies. As such, Security Token Offerings (STO) are beginning to stand out as the darling of the ball. STO’s differ from ICO’s (initial coin offerings) in that security token offerings have legal and compliance issues that issuers must adhere to, including proper and ongoing “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-Money Laundering” (KYC/AML) compliance, which drastically reduces the possibility of fraud.

There are no shortcuts with creating Security Token Offerings. Companies seeking to raise money via STO crowdfunding require intense due diligence with respect to laws and regulations, and since blockchain technology makes investing in cryptocurrencies easy, compliance must be a worldwide concern! Your STO must be qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which have the authority to shut you down at the very thought of anything improprietary. In addition, should you have any legal issues, crypto exchanges will most likely not even list your STO in the first place. This point is exactly the reason why it’s wise to hire an STO advisory such as the Blockchain Trust Group, who are skilled in the necessary steps to move forward in this relatively unknown industry.

STO consultants provide the expertise you’ll need in a cost-effective manner which is much cheaper than hiring a full-time staff where you’ll have to deal with employee issues such as benefits and human resources. They can help you with the introduction to knowledgeable legal counsel, token issuers, potential investors, and the best and most compliant cryptocurrency exchanges that can provide safe, compliant trades in the form of a vibrant (and liquid) secondary market. They can also help you with the development of your business plan, creation of whitepapers, promotion of your STO, and the best ways to set up your entity to begin with.

Consultants almost always have better business expertise and experience than you would get by hiring someone instead. Especially in the area of blockchain, which is so new and moving forward at the speed of light as we speak. A “one stop shop” can guide you with successfully issuing your Security Token Offering, creating the marketing materials to get the word out on your offering, and help in both the private and the public side of crowdfunding to get your STO listed on a secondary trading market. Plus, you’ll definitely need someone with a good grasp of the constantly changing regulatory and legal issues associated with blockchain as it’s incredibly important to keep up with these laws to ensure your STO is created and remains compliant throughout the entire process.

Blockchain and tokenization are disrupting the securities industry (among many, many others). There’s absolutely no question about that.The question is: how can you use this new technology to your benefit? And the answer, is contacting the Blockchain Trust Group to get your Security Token Offering created on the World Token Market!